Making reminders or memos for yourself (as well as others) often come in many forms. Video memos probably a coolest way to leave your massages. This Digital Video Memo Recorder is a device that can hang on your fridge. It can record there individual audio or video messages with each recording can last up to 1 minute long. There are LED light flashes when a message is saved, so you’ll never miss any messages.

To record a memo is simple, just push a button to record, a button to playback and check your message which will then be saved until it is recorded over. The device featuring a built-in video camera and a 1.5 inch LCD screen and a magnet for you to hold on the fridge’s door. It also come with built-in rechargeable battery that you can recharges via USB port.
Digital Video Memo Recorder Refrigerator Magnet-info-details
So why settle for scribbles on scrappy bits of paper when you can leave a video message.