on-off-mug-picturesAt first glance the On Off Mug is no different then other mug. It just an ordinary mug that you use to drink coffee or milk. When you look closely, curiously spelled out in big white letters is the word “OFF.” Hmm….still nothing fancy.

But when you pour your steaming beverage you see the mug’s colors is changing! Your once black cup is now white with the word “ON” inked in black. WOW!!

Yup, On Off Mug is a clever mug that automatically indicates its current state of mind when you pour a hot beverage into it. There is the heat sensitive pigment changes the color of the mug from black to white. Beside of the neat paint job change colors, On Off Mug also gives a heads up that there is piping hot liquid within! No more burnt mouths with this quirky take on a classic mug.

Watch the videos below to see how does On Off Mug works.