Although it might seem like having a vacuum that sanitizes the floor is going a little over the top, I can understand the logic behind it.  After all, you track in all kinds of things from the outdoors onto your floor.  Then if you have kids, you have a whole different set of issues.  Let’s face it, kids are just plain dirty.  They bring in germs from other kids and then get the rest of the family sick.  Plus if you have extremely young kids, they might enjoy playing on the floor, which puts them in direct contact with a very dirty area.


The UV light has been proven to reduce up to 99.9% of the bacteria and up to 90% of dust mite eggs.  Then it also kills a lot of microscopic germs like flea eggs, lice and mold.  You could use it not only on the carpet, but in areas with hardwood or linoleum to get it sanitized.  It’d be great to do a quick swipe of the kitchen with, just to make sure that everything is staying clean.  The vacuum comes with a 5 year warranty and 3 annual tune ups.  Which is good, since this vacuum is definitely not cheap.  You can purchase it for $599.95.


Source: CoolestGadget