For people who are lazy to mops their floor, you might want this – iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robots.


“this floor-washing robot can handle up to four average-size rooms (250 square feet) on a single battery charge. Simple to operate, just fill the tank, press “clean,” and empty the tank when finished. Its four-stage cleaning process includes the prep stage, which picks up dirt, sand, and crumbs; the washing stage, which uses only clean solution (mops just spread around dirty water); the scrubbing stage, which removes dirt, grime, and stuck-on messes; and the drying stage, which squeegee-lifts dirty water from floors. The cleaning machine uses clean tap water, a water and vinegar mixture, or deep-cleaning, fresh-scented Clorox Scooba cleaning solution. With the press of a button, the robot will leave floors clean, dry, and ready to walk on.”

If you have no idea what gift for your wife coming birthday, buy this and I think she will appreciate it.

From GadgetGrid