cleanwater-infant-bath-tubBathing a baby has to be one of the harder jobs for a new parent because they are no experiences at all. How can the new parent know the water is hot enough or not. It is hard to determine the right water temperature for your baby.

The Cleanwater Infant Bath Tub with Digital Thermometer is designed for this purpose. Its unique design enables running faucet water to create a gentle circulating flow within the tub, cradling baby in clean, warm water. There are a backlit display shows at a glance when the water is too hot (red), just right (green) or too cold (blue). It also has an audible high temperature alert to warn you when you ignored the light.

Some people say the baby tube bath might be not necessary because you only will use it for a short period of time while your baby is little. But isn’t it is good for your baby have a better care?