Well, Apple already got its Apple TV and Google TV is soon will appear on the market, it seem the digital media receiver will become part of our life like cell phone and computer does. Due to this phenomena, recently D-link has unveiled digital media receiver.

The D-link DSM380 Boxee Box HD Media Player! watch, organize, share ‚Äì you are now in full control of your TV for the first time. The freedom to watch what you want. It‚Äôs thousands of TV shows ready to watch, instantly. It‚Äôs tons of free movies, Hollywood blockbusters, and critically acclaimed films. It‚Äôs your videos, your Pandora and Facebook feeds somewhere they‚Äôve never been before ‚Äì your HDTV: organized, simplified and enjoyed from the comfort of your couch in 1080p. No keyboard or mouse required. Do what more than a million users have already done – download the D-link DSM380 Boxee Box HD Media Player’s software and try it for free on your computer first, we‚Äôll automatically import your account when you‚Äôre ready to bring the Boxee Box experience to your HDTV. The D-link DSM380 Boxee Box HD Media Player delivers freedom of the Internet to your HDTV in stunning 1080p, Dolby Surround Sound, and a slick interface with a remote to simplify everything. Meanwhile, the highly anticipated Boxee Box from D-Link has started shipping with the Netflix streaming and Hulu Plus support. Boxee have said that the new Netflix‚Äôs on-demand service will be available to customers by the end of 2010.

Another box for the living room! Merry Christmas!