I bet most of the parents didn’t have the good sleep at night when their baby just few months old. It but not because the baby not sleeping. It was because they were terrified that the baby will stop breathing in any cause. In the olden days, people saw baby monitors as simply walkie-talkies made for babies. But one must take into consideration that fact that there are so many different dangerous things that could happen to your baby before any sound is even made. Now Angelcare has come out another more sophisticated and advance baby monitor – Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Delux Plus.

Here are a few of the features of the Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus:

  • The monitor will detect even small movement from the baby once it’s setup so you don’t need to worry about missing something. If the baby doesn’t move at all for 20 seconds then an alarm to alert you with sound.
  • The sound monitor uses Angelcare sensor pads which have a number of features.
  • The unit to place in the nursery has a thermometer as well as an ability to let you know if the temperature falls below a certain level.
  • An out of range feature lets you know when there is no signal to pick up.
  • Includes 2 monitor units so both parents have a dedicated monitor, with  optional voice activations.
  • Long range operation , over 800′ away, powered by a strong 900 Mhz frequency.
  • A built in out of range indicator, so need to worry when outside, or visiting neighbors

If you are the type of person to get up and check all the locks before you go to bed, you need this monitor.