ac-to-5-usb-power-adaptorUSB port has become more and more common in use for our gadget these day. We can tell that some Mp3/Mp4 player, cell phones and other little electronic charger are applying the USB as the power adapter.  The benefit of USB connection are they all standardized. However the problem is the power supply of USB port mostly is come from computer or laptop, therefor you have to switch on the computer every time you need a charge.

The USB Brando’s latest device –  “AC to 5-USB Power Adaptor (3000mA)” solve this problem. Your several USB devices can be charged or powered even your computer/laptop is not available. This little device can power up to 5 USB devices simultaneously from one wall socket as it comes with 4 built-in female ports and a 5 pin male connector. It is compatible with all USB charger cable and Mini USB charger cable as well.