This is a solar vest. You can tell because it says SOLAR VEST in big letters across the shoulders, right above the four weatherproof solar panels. This fine gentleman is carrying more than a few gadgets in the pockets of his SOLAR VEST, which he’ll be able to recharge when they run out of juice.


If I were a thief, I’d think that a weiner-y kid wearing something that said SOLAR VEST would have a lot of expensive electronics in the pockets of said vest. He’d be a much better mark than someone wearing a shirt that said DOG CRAP COLLECTOR because what pawn shop wants to buy stolen dog crap?

The vest includes an 8,800mAh-capacity battery and enough tips and power connectors to really make it inconvenient to carry everything around with you. Output is rated at 5V, 6V, 9V, and 12-20V, though, which means you can indeed carry your laptop around with you and trickle a few extra minutes to it.

Available at Chinavasion for $140.


By: CrunchGear