Probably the biggest complaint you’ll get from iPhone/iPod Touch users is concerning the short battery life of the device (Of course besides the Antenna issues on iPhone 4). In order to keep the size slim, Apple have no other way but have to put as small of a battery in it as possible. If you play a lot of games on your device, the battery life will be running off very quickly. And in most of the time, the power outlet is not nearby all the time when you are at outdoor.  Hence the Novothink Surge is all you need.

The Novothink Surge is a secondary battery with a solar charger. It is a sleek, smartly designed hybrid solar charger for iPod touch 2G. Now you can powerup your iPod literally anywhere under the sun. This solar panel technology enables you to be part of the solar energy solution. Surge features an internal battery which your iPod touch draws on when needed. The integrated solar panel will charge the internal battery, provided sufficient light is available. For times when adequate light is not available or when you just need a quicker charge, the USB port offers a fallback option. This smart solar charger automatically charges your iPod touch whenever it needs juice and there is sufficient power reserved in the charger. You do not need to think about it, and there are no switches to worry about: just insert your iPod touch, and Surge will know when to start and stop charging to maximize running of your iPod touch. Surge also has a built-in thermal sensor, which will stop charging to prevent your iPod touch and your charger from overheating.