For camping lovers who can’t live without their eco-friendly gadgets, the solar tent is a must have. UK mobile company Orange has created this cool tent with photovoltaic fabric – specially coated solar threads woven into conventional fabric – plus a heated groundsheet that triggers heat automatically once the interior temperature falls below a set level. There’s also a magnetic induction charging pouch and a wireless hub which displays energy generated and consumed and provides a wireless internet signal. All information is displayed on a flexible, touch enabled LCD display screen.

The solar tent also utilizes cool “glo-cation technology”, so if you wander too far from camp, simply activate either the SMS or RFID technology of your cell phone and the tent’s glow will guide you safely back. I’m not so sure how it is for sleeping – does the glow turn off with the flick of a button or keep going to ward off critters?


By: Red Ferret