There is a time when we couldn’t stand some people talking or opinions but out of respect, we keep silent and pretend that we are agree with the people’s opinion. ┬áNow with this novelty watch you will have the opportunity to do with that situation – The Universal Bullshit Detector Watch.


The wrist watch that designed and manufactured by artist and satirist Joey Skaggs, perfect antidote to blow-hard, blustering, fatuous, people who are full of bull. How? Let’s see the description:

“Just push the button and let the Universal Bullshit Detector Watch speak your mind. It flashes, moos & poops. (It also tells time.) When asked, “What’s that sound?” Just say “Oh, Sorry! That’s my bullshit detector.” This product is non-partisan and non-sectarian, and in any language it sounds the same. The Universal Bullshit Detector Watch has a sound and light effect that lasts approximately eight seconds each time the upper button is pushed. The watch face is red with an illustration of a bull from behind. The face cover is glass. The strap, which will fit anyone from a child to a large adult is black plastic…”

So next time you can use this watch to speak your mind instead from your mouth. It seems show more respect isn’t it?