If you’re on the lookout for a wearable USB drive, it wouldn’t be that hard to find one.  The task is finding one that doesn’t look either overly tacky or just plain over the top geeky.  Then of course there are the few that make an attempt to appear punk and fail miserably.  Well for those that are tired of the USB jewelry that falls into those categories, there’s actually a seller on Etsy that you should check out.

Their drives vary in styles, but all are very tasteful.  If you’re going to find a USB necklace anywhere, you’re probably going to have the best luck there.  They all range in price and each one can be purchased in various sizes.  When you go to purchase the necklace you can choose between 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.  The pair you see here can be purchased together or individually.  If you purchase the pair with a 4GB drive, it’ll cost you $99.98.  None of the drives are cheap, the cheapest you’ll find is $49.99 and about the most expensive is going to cost you $139.98.


by: Coolest Gadgets