Greetings sports fans! Never miss a game again with Game Time Schedule Watches. These amazing watches come programmed with the schedule of your team as well as all other teams for that sport. Today’s game time and opponent are shown right on the main screen and you can scroll through to see future games, past games, and other team’s schedules. Each watch has the logo of your favorite team right on it and it’s available for all major sports- NFL football, NHL hockey, MLB baseball, NBA basketball, or NASCAR racing.

With the USB connector you can connect to the internet and download the next season’s schedule so it’s always up to date. You can even download other league’s schedules, so no matter what season it is, you’ll have a schedule for your team on hand (although it can only hold one league at a time). The watch has a backlight, alarm, is water resistant to 30 meters, and even plays a little melody at the start of each game so you’ll always be reminded when it’s game time.


By: Craziest Gadgets