People nowadays seem hard to get rid of music. You walking on the street, you heard music come out from stores, subway, or even people around you. And when you come back home, you heard music from your housemates room, television, and even from your neighbor.  You then walk into your bathroom, thinking that might be a holy land that has no music will disturb you anymore, but wait…you see this Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker hanging in the bathroom….

Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker-pictures

Yes this shower speaker is a cordless speaker that allow you to listen to your favorite tracks even you are showering. The speaker is powered by 900MHZ Phase Loop Lock circuitry and can deliver a strong, clear signal up to 150FT away. It is waterproof and come with dock transmitter that can hook up with any mp3 player such as ipod, iphone, computer, stereo, MP3 player or any other device that has a standard 3.5mm audio output .