takara-tomy-minutes-gym-digital-video-trainerWhen dealing with the keep fit issue, there are thousands way you can found on the internet. But I do believe workouts is the best solution to get rid the fat in your body. But no everyone like to spend money on a gym course. So why don’t ‘hire’ a digital gym instructor for yourself through Minutes Gym Digital Video Trainer?

The Minutes Gym Digital Video Trainer that released by Takara Tomy, was a  simple device that can be plugged into any TV or display with a composite video input. Just provides your current state of physical fitness data via the body fat sensor that measure from your body, there will be a cute animated figures will guide you through various fitness regimes in the TV.  There are apparently over 100,000,000 different guided workouts, each lasting three-minutes, and the Minutes Gym can store and display up to three months of your workout history.

The device is measure 48 x 120 x 24mm and weight just 10g are definately portable to bring to any where. It’s available from the Japan Trend Shop for $73.

via : ohgizmo