To be a real spy, everything has to be perfectly disguised. Such as this Spycam Video Sunglasses, you can record every detail of your enemy without being noticed because it look like a normal sunglasses. Your enemy just think that is a another regular fashion accessories.


“The Spycam Video Sunglasses are not intended to be part of any disguise – they are the disguise – concealing a tiny video camera in the center of the glasses. Capable of capturing excellent quality video and audio, these Spycam Video Sunglasses can be comfortably worn nearly anywhere to help you get the footage. Video is stored in AVI format on a Micro SD card. These glasses also feature easy-to-use controls which are located on the glasses frame. The built-in battery is rechargeable via USB connection and has a battery operating life of about 3-4 hours. ”


Maybe you are not going to be a spy, but be careful when seeing people around you wearing this sunglasses.