soundcast-outcast-outdoor-speaker-pictures-2You might want to enjoy music at your garden, water pool or anywhere at your yard. Of course you can set your indoor speaker to highest volume level, but the sounds still isn’t good enough at outside. Then you probably move your speakers to outside, but the hassle of running wires annoying you, and when the rain come you still have to move it back instantly.  It’s suck isn’t it? However with this Soundcast outcast outdoor speaker, everything become easy.

This 66cm tall Soundcast Outcast Outdoor Speaker a weather-resistant portable outdoor speaker set up for your MP3 player, IPod, computer and even your TV. No wire need, the speaker is use the wireless technology to receive the audio frequency from you indoor mp3 player for up to 100m of broadcast range and the transmissions are able to through walls (expect 20-30 meters through walls), floors, and ceilings.  The speaker also will not disturbed by microwave ovens, phones or other random wireless devices. The setup is simple and straightforward, no software needed just plug and play.

The speaker has included an 8” bass woofer and four 3” high frequency treble speakers and a 100 watt digital amplifier. Thanks for the rechargeable NiMH battery, the speker can operate for up to 10 hours! This speaker will cost you $799.99 (with iCast included) or $699.99 (without iCast), if you buy it from soundcastsystem.

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