Although your cell phone can capture images and videos, but sometime it is too obvious to use the cell phone to capture something. You don’t want to let people know that you are spying on something or investigation. You need a regular gadget that can easily disguise your camcorder so other people will not suspicious. This Pen Cam with DVR/Digital Camera is the gadget.

This amazing gadget allows you to record color video and audio easily and can also take digital photos. The pen has a built-in camera and microphone in the pen top that records AVI (video and audio recordings) files that up to 640 * 480 resolution (30 fps) or 1280 x 1024 resolution JPEG (digital pictures) files to the standard USB drive enclosed in the pen top. The camera and microphone are easily activated and de-activated by simply pressing the button on the top of the pen. Once your recordings or photos are completed, simply unscrew the pen top to reveal the standard USB drive. Plug the USB drive into your PC (no driver needed for the USB drive to work with most PCs) and download your AVI recordings or digital photos.

Features :

  • Pen with Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Digital Camera – Record Video/Audio (AVIs) & Pics (JPEGs)
  • 8GB USB Drive enclosed in pen records approx. 3 hrs. of AVI video with sound (640 x 480 resolution)
  • Executive Pen Styling with smooth, ball-point pen writing functionality (black ink)
  • Built-in, rechargeable, high-capacity lithium battery provides approximately 2 hours of recording
  • Includes 8 GB DVR Pen Cam, USB Cable, AC Charger, Car Charger, Software/Users Manual and Gift Box