pedisedate-and-gameboyWe always heard kids yelling at dentist clinic, it’s been a hard work for those nurses and doctor to sedating the kids.  However, give your kids PediSedate and gameboy, things got easier. The PediSedate is a toy-like headset that connects to a game component such as the  Nintendo Game Boy system or a portable CD player.  It was designed to distract kids in a doctor’s or dentist’s office while they were being sedated with nitrous oxide.

“The result is a system that provides a calming influence over the children, monitors the child continuously, allows the procedure to be performed by less skilled personnel, increases the speed with which procedures can be performed and makes the procedure a less stressful experience for all involved.  Each headset can be used multiple times per day by replacing the disposable components contained in the disposable kit…”..PediSedate