We have seen a globe that can levitate over a electromagnetic base year ago.  It is pretty amazing but sooner you will get bored because it can’t levitate anything except the included globe.

This Levitron Revolution World Stage however, is can do more than levitate a globe.

“Floating the world Removing the platform You see, the globe included with the Levitron Revolution World Stage opens up, and you can remove the magnetic platform inside. This platform can then be levitated by itself. But that’s not all! It can support up to 3 oz of additional weight, which means you can put whatever you want on top to float too! Your favorite action figure or toy car, maybe. Or a spaceship or a little TARDIS. And to really show it off, there are 8 blue LED lights in the mirrored base, and the floating magnet slowly rotates. In the end, you get one beautiful presentation piece for whatever you wish to present.”

Levitron Revolution World Stage-pictures

Cool huh?