freewalker-video-watchwrist-watch is not only telling you time, with the advance of technology, it can done more. Alarm, stop watch, calender is the basic features for most wrist-watch. Now the wrist-watch even can let you play music and video.

The FreeWalker wrist-watch plays mp4 video files, mp3 audio, WMA music, and even view jpg pictures. Simply load your files via the built-in USB2 interface using custom software that converts videos to the correct mp4 format that is required. The screen is an advanced OLED (organic LED) model which offers 128×128 resolution and a bright picture. Of course, the usual equalizer settings, time display, voice recorder, and other goodies.

For now there are two version of FreeWaker which is differentiate in 1GB or 2GB of storage of memory.