If you planning to install a GPS navigator in your car, why don’t you take a  look at this all-in-one New Boyo 4.3in Touchscreen Rear View Mirror With Navigation system?

Apart of the navigation system, this New Boyo 4.3in Touchscreen Rear View Mirror also come with other functions such as front-panel controls for volume, Bluetooth, and switching sources SD card slot FM transmitter sends signal to your vehicle’s radio built-in microphone and speaker Navigation .

There over 11 million points-of-interest preloaded with maps of the United States and Canada text-to-speech calls out street names upgrade maps through SD card slot.

With this rear mirror, you can install the GPS Navigation without the clutter and hassle of suction cups, mounting brackets and wires. The installation is simple, just clip on the existing rear mirror and there you go.  This will also save up lot of space in your car.