If you are looking for a gift for the music lover that has everything, this might be to system you want own one – the Beamz C4 Interactive Music System. For the teens and tweens who love their iPod and GuitarHero, the Beamz Player is a whole new way to immerse yourself in music.

The Beamz product has four to six laser triggers and two button-controlled triggers that activate 100+ instruments, chords, music clips, sounds effects and rhythms. Each laser is programmed to trigger these different melodies, sounds or instruments. When a beam is broken, the Beamz player software program releases a musical sound or expression that is always harmonious to the other sounds so the music is always on key and sounds good.

The backbone of the Beamz technology includes extensive interactive music software as well as the laser based controller technology. Beamz intellectual property includes multiple patents, patents pending, and trade secrets covering interactive music, software, laser based controllers, gaming applications, and related designs and devices.

The musical arrangement of each piece is completely determined by the player’s technique. The sophisticated technology makes it easy for anyone to perform immediately and experience instant enjoyment of creating music. The more complex features allow experienced players to enjoy many levels of creativity, learning and a lifetime of exploration.

This system is quite addicting if you are into interactive games. It gets me moving around and great for getting the kids moving about. The instructions and installation are pretty straight forward. The unit was very lightweight and easy to carry. Great for party entertainment or an awesome way to spend your afternoon.

Watch this video for the demo :