This Altec Lansing inMotion MIX iMT800 does reminds me the cassette boom boxes that I saw in 70’s and 80’s movies. This is the reborn for the boom box, but not for cassettes anymore, instead includes many advance features of the digital age.

The  Altec Lansing inMotion MIX can work with iPhones, iPods, portable players and music phones. It is completely portable as you can put it on your shoulder like the  eighties does and bring it down to the streets or go to any party.  It got a average battery life of 30 Hours, which is quite enough for whole day non-stop music playback. And it also has come with FM radio too. In front of it got a high contrast LCD displays song info (song name, artist, album) and FM radio information (RDS) and you can remote control for song and playlist navigation.

Altec Lansing inMotion digital boom box-pictures


Booming Stereo Sound

Of course, the combo of “DJ” and “party” requires loud and booming sound, and the MIX will deliver. Loaded with a 5.25-inch side-firing subwoofer and 5.25-inch tuned passive radiator, the MIX pumps out big natural bass, further enhanced with XdB technology for extra heavy punch. The sound is complete with a pair of 3-inch full-range drivers, a pair of 1-inch silk dome tweeters in a horn-loaded configuration. Beyond looking cool, the front-facing horns are engineered to disperse the high frequencies — which are otherwise highly directional — for great sound throughout the entire room. Quite frankly, the MIX gets loud.

The MIX also features a brightly lit LCD display that tells you the track, artist and album being played from your docked iPhone or iPod. Also, FM station data is displayed when the radio is playing.

Tailored EQ

The MIX has various EQ options that allow the user to tailor or personalize the sound. The simplest and most familiar is an adjustment of separate bass and treble controls. For more technical tuning, a digital 7-band graphic equalizer allows custom cutting or boosting of specific frequencies. Or, there are four EQ presets where just a touch of a button will tune the EQ for specific music genres, either for rock, pop, hip-hop or simply flat.

FM Radio Tuner

Moves with the Party

For entertainment beyond the iPhone and iPod, the MIX has an FM radio tuner with four station pre-sets.

Thoughtfully Designed Remote Control

True to its retro boombox roots, the MIX runs on AC or battery power. You’ll always know how much battery life you have because the MIX will tell you on its display. You can expect up to 30 hours of play with eight “D” sized batteries. And, the MIX has nicely weight-balanced handles so you can take it on the road or around the house just as easily. Between parties the remote control stows away conveniently in its own cubby. At party time, use the clip-on carabineer so the remote is always handy to command the jams. The remote allows you to toggle between all of your music sources, including the FM radio and lets you control the on/off power, volume minus, volume plus, track back, track forward, EQ, play/pause, and the four preset buttons. The four preset buttons are used for both the FM preset mode and the EQ preset mode.