Nowadays, people are rarely goto photo developing shop. Since the digital camera became so popular, almost everyone got one in house. Even you don’t have one, there still have cell phone that come with built in camera. And in the market there are many picture printer available, so you can print out the photo whenever you want.

The Epson PictureMate Show Digital Frame and Photo Printer is not only to print out your pictures, but it is also double as a digital frame. On top of that, the 7″ digital frame is not solely to run a slideshow of the pictures, but it also to use as an editing and preview monitor. That’s mean you can edit your pictures right away  without have to use computer to edit it.  The machine able to  print vibrant 4″ x 6″ photos in as fast as 37 seconds, and it is instant-dry photos make it easy to give pictures to family and friends right away. There has 270MB internal memory lets you automatically store hundreds of photos, and run a slideshow or reprint at any time. You can insert your pictures to the printer instantly with memory card2, digital camera,  USB flash drive and even through Bluetooth.

The size is just fits perfectly into your livingroom, kitchen or home office. It’s perfect fοr anyone іn thе family, weighs аbουt five аnԁ a half pounds аnԁ аt less thеn $200 іt mаkеѕ thе perfect gift.