We can’t deny CPR is one of the vital life saving technique. Indeed, I thought everybody should learn this skill, not just limited to certain professional people only.  Survey show that Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the largest single killer of Americans accounting for more than 350,000 lives annually. Thus the more people learning CPR, the more life will be saved.  However, by learning the CPR is not 100% can save life, because most people are only able to provide adequate compressions as the physical demands of exerting a 125lbs of force at a rate of 100 beats a minute reduces the rescuers effectiveness to 25% after the first minute. So the exist of LifeBelt is really important.

lifebelt-picture-1The LifeBelt , developed by Thomas Lach of Deca-Medics Inc, is a ” compact, lightweight device is designed to attach quickly, enabling a rescuer to start CPR in 15 seconds or less. An intuitive readout warns if the compression depth is too deep or shallow, giving the rescuer confidence that he or she is pushing properly.” which mean, a rescuer can do them for longer, increasing the likelihood of resuscitation.

This invention has won the $20,000 grand prize in the 2008 Create The Future Design Contest. Hope that this devices will eventually be a real product available to the public.

LifeBelt CPR