fragpedalsCertain categories of video games have a terrifying complexity interface. It required different keys to control, like the ultimate being in World of Warcraft and others where each technique required  different keys and  characters. How do we play without a breakdown of the little finger?

Simply using the FragPedals. This pedals contain a couple of buttons each can add extra functionality to your computer interactivity. Just plug them in and you instantly have additional inputs. Right and left-click with your feet, or add a foot brake to a racing game. These buttons can be assigned to any key, enabling you to activate one key when a button is pressed and another when released. Heck, you can even assign different keystrokes for single and double-taps with your foot.

The versatility of the buttons is unlimited: for example, can be drawn by pressing a button, pulling every half second until the button is pressed, and reload his weapon and releasing. Or even press your control key by the left and right foot,in the meantime your hands is holding burger and Coke.