Now this is a gadget that keeps things nice and simple. If you for some reason don’t have a sound card, it still allows for you to listen to your music. It has a built-in sound card along with a tiny speaker. It’s not going to have fantastic sound, but when you don’t have a sound card, things can get fairly desperate. This would be a nice and affordable temporary fix for the issue. That or if you’re not really worried about it, it could be a permanent fix.

mini-ball-usb-sound-card-pictures-1The little ball speakers come in 4 different colors, blue, orange, pink and finally white. With that selection it’d be easy for just about anyone to find a color they’d enjoy. The speaker itself comes on a flexible cord, so you can adjust it to get it to the most convenient position. The USB speaker can be purchased for $19 from Gadget4all. Which really isn’t a bad price, even if it has only mediocre sound quality.


By: Coolest Gadget