Smartfish has released its Tru:Motion Wireless Mouse and Pro:Motion Game Controller that offer a new way to game on your computer, where the former was designed in close partnership with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York, bringing a pivot-motion that is ergonomic and comfortable to use, making sure the user’s wrist remains in a fixed state. This is perfect for ambidextrous people as well as lefties, and it will come with optical tracking, scroll wheel, and a sophisticated modern design with an aluminum finish.


As for the SmartFish Pro:Motion Game Controller, this is touted to be the first intelligent and healthy “injury avoidance” ergonomic controller that totally does away with the risk of RSI and carpel tunnel syndrome – we’d like to see a guarantee on the product box if that’s the case. Both controllers will work with the Mac and PC platforms as they’re available for pre-order with no pricing details released just yet.


Pre-Order available at Smartfish Website

Via Ubergizmo


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