The G1 Optimus Prime Head with Built-In USB-Powered Speakers is just the latest item to pop up at BigBadToyStore to enhance your ever growing collection of Transformer peripherals. The head itself weighs about 3 pounds and the sides of its helmet open up to reveal a set of speakers. The controls for the device are on the back, such as the volume, and it will sit nicely on your desk looking menacingly at others as they pass by it. If Optimus Prime doesn’t do it for you, there will also be a version for Ultra Magnus. There are no details on how decent sounding these things are, but most likely you are not getting them for their sound quality. Both are available for pre-order now and will retail for $49.99. You can purchase the head for $49.99 from the Big Bad Toy Store.


by: ChipChik

Categories: Computer