If simplified lifestyle is all you want, then this Griffin Simplifi is something that you might want to have. Many of us have all sorts of accessories to our PC like memory card readers and iPods, and bla bla bla. There for the Simplifi is designed to save up space on desk.

The Simplifi actually is a 3-in-1 tools. Firstly it is a charging/synching stand for almost any late model iPod or iPhone. And it also can be used to read and write media cards like the SD, XD, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, and the Memory Stick Pro. And at the back there are still two USB ports for any USB device that you wish to use as well. And all this features can be use together. Think of this situation: You need to charge your iphone and need a memory card reader for your camera and looking to expand your USB options to other gadget. All you need to do at once, but you are lack of your desk space, then this Simplifi would be very helpful.


There are no software is required, just plug into your computer via USB port and you are ready to use the device.