ecobuttonIn many offices and households, computers often run 24 hours non-stop, sometime not really been used.  Is it because of laziness or forgetfulness? Maybe. Necessary?  Absolutely not!

The computers consume billion kWh of energy in the period where they are turned useless. It can turn hundreds of thousands tons of carbon monoxide produced. Here the helps for the environment with computer –  by only a single push of a button. How? The “Eco Button”.

Ecobutton is a gadget that connects to your PC or Mac via a USB port. This button allows you to put your computer into hibernation with a single tap. This mode is not quite like the others that uses more electricity when your computer is at rest. Combined with a bundled software, restarting only takes a few seconds, as if the computer was in standby mode. with one push of the Ecobutton your computer will shut down all functions that draw power (except for the minimum amount of memory your machine needs) and run on just 1.8 watts of power, which is much, much less than your normal standby mode could manage.

The Eco button software shows you exactly how much CO2 you’ve saved after once you’ve woken the computer up again with the touching of any button.  Additionally, the Eco Button keeps record so you can see how much money you’ve saved since installing the button. The Eco button is the simple and easy way to save the world one click at a time.