Apple has another innovation again! First it was from iPhone, next came iPod touch,then  MacBook Pro and now to the Magic Mouse,  Apple has brought Multi-Touch technology from one to other products.

On the Magic Mouse, you will not seeing click button and scroll wheel. The Multi-Touch surface covers the entire top of the mouse. You can scroll in any direction with one finger, swipe through web pages and photos with two, and click and double-click anywhere. The ability to swipe backward/forward and side to side helps you navigate through timelines in video or music playback. However, if you prefer scrolling more than swiping. Or two-button clicking instead of one. Whatever the case, Magic Mouse works the way you want it to work. All you do is go to the Magic Mouse preference pane in System Preferences to enable or disable features.

magic mouse-pictures-1

A new laser replaces the old optical tracking component, it is far more sensitive and responsive on more surfaces than traditional optical tracking. And there are no cord needed for this mouse. It connects wirelessly to your computer via Bluetooth, so there’s no wire or separate adapter to worry about, though there are two AA batteries (included) needed.

magic mouse-pictures-2

So far it is tested compatible with Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer; Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later with Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0. Window computer is not sure yet, it probably can but fancy touch stuff doesn’t work. Maybe it need time for some genius to write a proper driver for Window.