Can you tell me the time from this clock? Okay, I am not try fool you, its really a clock! The TIX Led Clock gives you the time in patterns!

At first glance you may think it’s impossible to tell the time of day from this unique illuminated clock. The LEDs appear to be randomly changing with no apparent rhyme or reason. It looks hard to read, but it really isn’t. If you know the secret, the TIX LED clock is surprisingly simple to read.

So how to read it?
All you do is count the little dots in each section to get your time. So look at the picture above again, you can see lights illuminated to display the time 12: 34. See, it is so easy, A 5-year-old could do it.

The Tix LED clock can be placed horizontally or vertically and you can set your Tix clock to update every second, every 4 seconds, or every minute.