Ice fish bones cube tray

Adding fun to your summer by let this Ice fish bones swim around your beverage. These fun and slightly morbid (in a good way of course!) Fish Bone ice cubes will surprise and delight you and your friends!

Grass Charging Station

Get annoyed by the messy of your electronic devices charging cords? Try this grass charging station for rechargeable gadgets like mobil phone, media players and cameras. Although the grass is not real, but at least it hide your messy cord.

itie – necktie that have a pocket

For me, tie is something useless and the only thing is tied up your neck make you breathless. Frankly they’re a pointless accessory. However this itie has another function than just being a fashion accessory. It got a hidden pocket that lies behind your tie and could be used for Read more…

DIY Tank Top Tote Shopping Bag

Well, this is something that you can DIY. A used tank top and turn it into a shopping beg.  If you think that’s a rocket science to you, maybe you can get one from for only $8.95.

Fan Shape Lamp

Lamp is not something just only to illuminate your room. Sometime it is a piece of art and can be a part of your home decoration, just like this Modern Fan-Shaped Lamp. The lampshade is made with bamboo and it hold up by between two satin steel-finished poles. It is Read more…