A guide to cheap ink and printing

If you do a lot of printing at the home office like I do, you probably have noticed that printer ink has become one of your large office expenses. This is unfortunate, but if you do a bit of homework, there are quite a few ways to bring down the costs, at least somewhat. Here are some of the things I’ve done over the years to cut down printing expenses.

123 inkjets coupon1. Review cartridge costs before buying a printer.
Don’t just buy a printer because it’s cheap, because chances are good that you’ll end up paying a lot for cartridges later on. Rather, go online and research the cost of ink cartridges before buying the printer, and factor this into your decision.

2. Don’t print unless you absolutely must.
If you grew up in the pre-Internet age, you are probably just accustomed to printing everything without giving it a second though. But learn to hesitate before hitting CTRL-P, and ask yourself if a printed copy is really necessary. Oftentimes, it is not, and you could save on ink costs simply by printing less.

3. When you buy cartridges, get them online and order remanufactured cartridges. Online vendors on the whole offer lower prices for ink cartridges. In addition to this, many of them, like 123inkjets, offers coupons you can take advantage of. A typical 123inkjets coupon code will let you shave off 15% from the cost of a cartridge. What’s more, you can get lower prices right off the bat by selecting remanufactured cartridges instead of new ones. So long as you buy such cartridges from a known vendor like 123inkjets, you don’t notice much of a different from a brand new one.

4. If you need to hire a professional printing service, make sure you order online. You can’t always print everything on your own. Sometimes, you will need something that looks professional. Business cards, posters, and brochures are examples of such needs. Unfortunately, many print shops charge quite a bit for offset printing services. A better option is to try to find a service online. I like Printplace myself, because their prices are relatively low, particularly when you use a Printplace coupon code from coupon websites. Despite this, Printplace does a good job with their printing, and I have yet to be disappointed with anything I ordered from them. You can choose a different printing service if you know one that is good, but try to find promo codes online, as most online services do offer them.

Hopefully, these quick tips will help you print less and save money on your office expenses.

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